What’s the Buzz with MS AQT?

Sophia R., Staff Writer

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The Middle School Academic Quiz Team, also known as AQT, is a club on the rise. The tournaments started in October, and the team has already attended two competitions.

Much like Jeopardy, AQT is a quiz-based activity where teams solve questions in various topics. The Middle School fields both a sixth grade team and a combined seventh and eighth grade team. Most years, the sixth-grade team only participates in online competitions, but recently they have been attending tournaments with the seventh and eighth grade team if not enough members sign up.

“It was fun competing with the seventh and eighth graders, and it was unlike anything I’d had experienced before. It was nerve racking and thrilling at the same time,” said Sarah K., a sixth grader who has attended two competitions so far with the team.

The sixth grade team is coached by science teacher Alison George and the seventh/eighth grade team is coached by world cultures teacher Robert Cochran and French and Latin teacher Jon Hathorn.

The teams travel to various schools in the Atlanta area where they compete in a set of matches before the afternoon tournament. In the afternoon, a bracket is created where teams are ranked by how well they did in the morning rounds.

Eighth grade AQT member Saavan S. enjoys the educational aspect of the club. He said, “I like to learn new things, so I enjoy AQT.”

At the beginning of practice, each student is given a worksheet that follows a theme. After the scores are collected, the students with the top five scores are recognized. After this is completed, students practice with real competition questions.

Another form of practice that was recommended by the high school team is Protobowl, a website where players can practice with old competition questions. Additionally, students can play against others from their school if they create a room on the website. Students are also encouraged to find their own practice methods.

Dr. Cochran thinks the team needs to work together. “We have some very bright people on the team, but we need to recognize it is a team activity not a competition against your team,” he said.

The AQT team will be back in action on December 9 at the PAGE Regional Competition.

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