Bucks in a Box: Packed with Love

Ella W., Staff Writer

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Photo by Kathleen H.
The donations piled up in the hallway outside Mrs. Cobler’s room.

For the past three years, the service council has been getting together around the end of January and planning a service project called Bucks in a Box.

For Bucks in a Box, middle school students donate a shoe box with five dollars in it. Once all of the donations have been collected, the service council uses the money to buy food, drinks, and basic necessities to put in the boxes for homeless people.

Bucks in a Box was started three years ago by current sophomore Scott A.

Brenda Cobler, a sixth grade science teacher and faculty advisor of the service council, said, “Scott is friends with the owner of Homeless at Heart, which is who we partner with, and he proposed the idea to us, and we loved it.”

Many Wildcats demonstrate their love for this service project and are excited to help those in need.

Seventh grade boy Theron B. said, “I donated five dollars to Bucks in a Box because it is for a great cause.”

Kappi J., an eighth grade girl and service council member, said, “I love the fact that we help people on a day like Valentine’s Day where some don’t normally think about the homeless.”

Before sending off all of the boxes, students in the middle school were invited to come and help decorate the boxes and make them look nice for those who will be receiving them.

Though not everyone who donated went to help decorate the boxes, many students still showed up to decorate and were eager to help those in need.

Seventh grade girl Giulia P. said, “I helped decorate the boxes because we are so privileged, and since we are so privileged I feel as though we should give back to others who aren’t as fortunate as we are.”

One reason many students donated to Bucks in a Box is because it is very easy to donate.

Theron said, “My favorite thing about Bucks in a Box is that it is a helpful charity that only requires five dollars or a shoe box, so it’s really easy to donate.”

In each box is two pairs of socks, soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, hand sanitizer, water, a granola bar, candy, gummies, and a note pad.

Five dollars and one shoe box helps bring basic necessities to homeless people on Valentine’s day who otherwise would not have access to some of these items.

Photo by Ella W.
The boxes decorated and ready to be sent to Homeless at Heart.

Photo by Ella W.
A close up on one of the boxes that is ready to be sent off.

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