Wildcats Clubs of Choice

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In the Middle School many clubs are offered including WoodCats, Ping Pong Club, and Alfred Hitchcock Club. Students do indeed have their favorites.

Sixth grader Hudson W.’s club of choice is Ping Pong Club. He said, “I like the sport of ping pong, and I like that it is offered at Westminster.”

Sam F., a seventh grade boy, agrees with Hudson. They both like go to the Ping Pong Club and visit weekly.

Sam F.  said, “I like to hang out with friends while playing ping pong.”

On the other hand, there are many students that partake in other clubs, like seventh grade girl Kate B.

Kate B. visits Robotics, Girls Who Code, and WoodCats weekly.

Kate said, “The clubs I visit are fun to be in, something to do after school, and I also like to work with technology, which is just an added bonus.”

Also, Katherine P., an eighth grade girl, is a member of Dance Club. She said, “It’s really fun, and we have a great time, and a lot of my friends are in it.”

All of these clubs cannot be put on without the help of the adult advisors, such as Dr. Robert Cochran, the advisor of Magic: The Gathering Club.

He was once a kid who played the same card game as the boys who are in it and wants to be there to play with the kids.

Terri Kaplan, middle school librarian is also an administrator of clubs. She runs the sixth grade book club and the PageCats, also known as the seventh grade book club.

There is much planning that goes into her clubs. Mrs. Kaplan said, “I pick the books to read which is long and hard, then buy the book for the book club members. I supply drinks and food for the club patrons. There is also a lot of communication that is involved to remind members about the meeting.”

These clubs are just a few among the 30 the Middle School has to offer.

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