Behind the Scenes of Behind the Scenes

Brantley S., Staff Writer

Photos by Brantley S.

Many students consider trying out for the middle school plays and musicals, but most shy away due to fear of rejection. Most middle schoolers don’t know how the casting, rehearsal, and production work.

Eighth grader Jack S. plays the lead in the school’s latest production, High School Musical Jr., and said his best advice would be: “As long as you are prepared and do what they tell you, you will do well.” He said his favorite part was learning new dances but listening to the same songs over and over can get irritating.

Many actors find close friends through the theatre. Eighth grader Allie B. said her favorite part of the whole experience was that she became close friends with an upperclassman who she wouldn’t have normally talked too.

Many things go into producing a musical. From light and sound to hair and make-up, Westminster has got it covered.

The dressing rooms are filled with make-up and costumes from previous productions. In the girls dressing rooms, every actress signs her name on the wall, hoping to leave a mark for the students to come.

The schools many productions would not be possible without other parts of the theatre like tech crew. Tech crew is responsible for doing stage make-up and helping to keep things calm at rehearsals.

There are many different ways people prepare for auditions. Director and drama teacher Adam Fry says that the two most important things when trying out for a musical would be to make sure to act while singing and to make big choices.

Mr. Fry says everyone makes mistakes, in fact he talked about one of his funniest mishaps. He said once in high school, he had been so wrapped up in an article he was reading that he completely missed his queue and they had to skip the scene.

Most people have differing opinions and advice when it comes to theatre, but a common sentiment is that it is a wonderful experience for everyone.