Art: A Middle School Favorite

Trip M., Staff Writer


Photo By Trip M. (Material Investigation Project)

Art is a class offered at Westminster from Pre-First all the way through senior year. It is the most popular elective here in the middle school.

The art projects vary throughout the year, and the favorites also vary from student to student. An eighth grader, Weyimi A., had a clear favorite as he said, “I loved my alternate material Project. I chose to use sticky notes because of the stick. It took a while, but after I finished it, I think it looked really good.”

Anna B. also has a preferred art piece. She said, “I really liked working on the blue tape project. I liked it because there was only one material, and that material could create something awesome.”

Not only do the students have a favorite project, but the two eighth grade art teachers have favorites as well. Walter DuPriest said, “Normally it’s the blue tape, but I really liked the Material Investigation project we did this year. Kids were hanging their projects from the ceiling; one student’s project included braiding garbage bags.”

Kim Blodgett talks about her favorite project, The Blue Tape Project. She likes it because the students really get to express their feelings through art.

This year the eighth graders spent time working with distinctive materials such as post-it notes, toilet paper, garbage bags and, of course, blue tape. The materials seem a little random, but they are to help remind the students to use what you have.

There is also a clear favorite shown with the materials. Weyimi A. said, “I enjoyed blue tape. Blue tape was very fun to manipulate, and my project turned out looking sharp.” Anna B. agrees, but she just liked the blue tape because of the color.

Ms. Blodgett doesn’t have one certain favorite material, she loves all of them. She said, “Actually, what I like most is the fact that you have to deal with various materials. It’s the problem solving that I enjoy watching. How you all have to learn to interact with the differences in order to express yourselves. But mostly the wonderful solutions you find in your creating.”

This year some of the projects are the same, but are also different because of the way they are presented.

Mr. DuPriest notices how this year is somewhat different than last year, as he said, “We have the same projects, but the projects have evolved so much over the past few years. This year the Blue Tape Project grew across my walls rather than on paper.”

Ms. Blodgett echoes Mr. DuPriest as she notes how many of her students this year have grown their projects off of the paper and onto the ceiling, floors, doors, and many other places around the classroom.

As art continues to evolve in the middle school, the teachers and student continue to love it and create amazing projects.