Why Is Band Losing Popularity?


Photo by Colin G.

Colin G., Staff Writer

For the class of 2022, band was considered a popular, fun course. In fifth grade, a record high number of members signed up, and in sixth and seventh grade, even more students joined. But in eighth grade, a big drop in members occurred, in fact, more than three fourths of the band quit. So why is the band losing popularity?

Band consists of many different instruments, including the trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, tuba, and percussion to name a few. In fifth grade there is a test session to see which students will do which instruments, and they are given rankings on each instruments.

Julia G., a fifth grader, just went through this process. She said, “We got to demo flute, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, baronet, tuba, and percussion. I was rated the highest for the trumpet and the clarinet.”

The class of 2022, current eighth graders, are the cause of all the controversy. Even though other grades didn’t have as many members to begin with, the class of 2022 had a drastic drop in members over the past year, and this drew attention to the band.

When asked about his decision to quit, Jack R., an eighth grader and a former member of band, said, “I just got bored of band and wanted to go back to art because that’s what I did in the lower school. Another reason is that the new philosophy was that band it was going to be more serious, and that’s not really the band I wanted to be a part of.”

Jim D., a saxophone player in eighth grade band, said, “I think most of the people quit because some people started quitting, and then more and more started quitting, so it caused a domino effect.”

Although other grades might not feel the same way as some band members did in the eighth grade, the real question still remains–will they follow this trend later?

Musinga M., a sixth grader and a current member of band, loves it. He said, “I think most of the people in it this year agree with me. They think band is really fun.” He thought most members would stay in band and said, “I think most of them will stay because I don’t think it’s very smart to just quit from one year to the next like that.”

Rajan K, an eighth grade percussionist, said, “One of the reasons I’m staying is because of the trip we get to go on. We get to go somewhere like Disneyland or Universal, and I think it would be really fun and a good bonding experience.”

Dean C., a percussionist in eighth grade band, said, “I think band got progressively harder from sixth then to seventh then to eighth, and that’s why people started to quit, because they kind of got bored of it.”