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Singin’ in the Rain Jr. Shines in Kellett

Alexa L.

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Wet weather took over the campus, but this time it wasn’t a snow day. On Friday, the cast of Singin’ in the Rain Jr. wore their t-shirts in order to promote their show, which opened that afternoon at 3:30 p.m. in Kellett Theater.

The show was directed by Adam Fry, and Susan McMillan, Linda Searles, Lee Harper, volunteer moms, and student directors all helped behind the scenes. Without these important leaders, the show wouldn’t be able to go on.

Singin’ in the Rain is a classic musical set in the 1920s, and it mixes a musical romance with hilarious comedy. It also incorporated singing, dancing, and acting all in one action-packed performance.

Mr. Fry had specific reasons for choosing this particular musical. He said, “Singin’ in the Rain has always been one of my favorite movies, but I remember I saw the musical production back when I was in high school, and I laughed so hard during it. I just thought it was a show that I always have wanted to work on, and I have never had the opportunity until now.”

The musical also starred a variety of different characters, from Cosmo, a goofy screenwriter, to Don, a lovable actor.

Hana H., who played Kathy Selden, an enchanting actress and the love of Don Lockwood, talked about why she loves this particular musical. She said, “I love the musical because in the 20s everything was different than it was now, and it is kind of like being in a different world while I’m acting.”

Additionally, Sam M., a sixth grade boy, loves the musicals in general because of the great bonding experience between cast and crew, and the new relationships that come out of these three months.

During the last week of rehearsals, stress levels ran high, but Mr. Fry remained optimistic about the performance coming together in the final tech week. He said, “Usually the actual production takes a couple steps back as you are adding all the tech in, but it is the magic of theatre, like all of a sudden someday everything is going to click. So I’m worried, but I’m not worried.”

Turns out Mr. Fry was right: the show clicked. When Friday rolled around, tickets were sold out, and eighth grader Savannah R. watched the musical along with the entire sixth grade. She said, “It was really great, and a lot of my friends were in it. There were also a lot of eighth graders, so it was great to see them and it was a talented cast!”


Photo courtesy of Lee Harper.  The cast performing the iconic song, Singin’ in the Rain.  

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Singin’ in the Rain Jr. Shines in Kellett