Choristers Sing the Sweet Sounds of Spring

Alexa L., Staff Writer

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From pop songs to hymns, to songs in foreign languages, the Westminster Middle School Chorus does it all.

This year, the chorus has sung songs such as: Sanctus, This is Me, White Winter Hymnal, and Running Home to You in various performances.

Linda Searles, one of the middle school chorus teachers, explained her thought process in choosing what songs the chorus will learn and perform.

She said, “It kind of depends on what concert of the year it is. We like to start off a little simpler with faster tempo pop songs, but by the end of the year, we want to have something that gives a healthy musical education that will show off all that we have learned.”

Chorus is an elective that is available in the middle school to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, with one chorus for the sixth and seventh graders, and one for the eighth graders.

Some students have participated for all three years, whereas others just joined in eighth grade.

Hillis K., a seventh grade boy, has done chorus for one year so far, and he loves it. He said, “I like chorus because it’s very relaxing and you can just sit back and sing.”

Lily H., a sixth grade girl, also loves this elective because she gets to make friends with students in the seventh grade, whereas other classes like Visual Arts are single-grade only.

Mrs. Searles clearly loves teaching chorus. She said, “It’s been my passion since I was in middle school to sing, and I couldn’t imagine not spreading that passion and joy with others. I love my job so much, and I know not everybody else does, so I feel very lucky.” 

However, some students such as, eighth grader Maggie M., don’t like when they sing odd songs that nobody knows.

Chorus continues into high school as an option for an elective. Meredith Laine J., an eighth grade girl, is going to continue chorus next year. She said, “I like to sing, and I want to take advantage of the amazing chorus program in the high school.”

However, other eighth graders aren’t continuing because they feel they will be too busy in high school. Chorus is a full year commitment instead of a semester-long course, such as ceramics or drawing and painting, which makes chorus a bigger time commitment.

Catch the Westminster Choristers and Singers from all three grades in action on May 7 at 3:45 p.m. in McCain for their final concert

Photo courtesy of WCAT.


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