The Dimons Survive Irma

Hayes W., Staff Writer

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The Dimons Survive Irma


Scoot and Maggie Dimon, along with Rambler, were just recently endured the winds and rain of Hurricane Irma. Mr. Dimon, a beloved middle school history teacher on The Westminster Schools campus, recently retired and moved to Naples, Florida.

Hurricane Irma wrenched through Naples, Florida on September 10. Mr. Dimon said, “Hurricane Irma was tough for the state of Florida, but we’re glad to be safe.”

Mr. Dimon’s history class was energetic and fun, according to some of his past students. Eighth grader Denton S. said, “I just like the fact that he is such a great teacher, and when he isn’t a teacher, he is a great person.”

Besides being loved in the classroom, Mr. Dimon is also a Christian and always has scripture for anything imaginable, helping many through life. Heather Karvis, Dean of Students, said, “Mr. Dimon helped our school with always quoting from scripture to go and do likewise, so I think he motivated us.”

He would always support the Wildcats in every different sport. Eighth grader Kathleen H. said, “I miss looking for Mr. Dimon when I’m playing in my volleyball game, because when he was on campus, I knew he would be there.”

Mr. Dimon is a kind person in general. Eighth grader Michael T. said, “One of my favorite things about Mr. Dimon is going to the campus center randomly and him just showing some random acts of kindness.”

To many, the level of energy that Mr. Dimon brought to school is irreplaceable. Kathleen said, “I just loved the energy that he brought to the school and the amazing stories that he would tell us.”

Also, Mrs. Karvis said, “The school is about the same now that he is gone, but I think what we all miss is the energy that he brought.”

As the voice of The Westminster Schools, Mr. Dimon was the announcer for close to every sport the school has to offer. Eighth grader Price M. said, “I loved hearing his voice announcing at football games on Friday nights.”

What about Rambler? Rambler is the Dimon’s dog and was well known by everyone. Students are missing the chance of seeing Rambler, as he used to be everywhere. Price M. said, “You know, I just really loved that puppy, and it was amazing having a doggo on campus.”

So far, Mr. Dimon is enjoying his retirement. He said, “I love Naples…the beach, the golf and tennis, and all the friendly people.”

Even though Mr. Dimon lives in Florida, he still pays attention to Westminster sports and everyday life. He said, “I watch all the Wildcat football games on Friday Night on WCAT. They do a great job! I’m not going to be announcing any more games but I love WCAT!”

Overall, Mr. Dimon’s presence is missed. Price said, “He was just the man, and now that he is gone, everything has changed.”

Maggie Dimon
Mr. Dimon helps with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma