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Graduate Tyree Simon Comes Back to Teach MS English

Photo by Price M. Tyree Simon feels at home in her new classroom in the MS.

Photo by Price M. Tyree Simon feels at home in her new classroom in the MS.

Photo by Price M. Tyree Simon feels at home in her new classroom in the MS.

Price M. and Ally M., Staff Writers

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Tyree Simon, once a Wildcat herself, has come back to Westminster to join the faculty as an eighth grade English teacher. Her story of returning to Westminster is one to hear.

Ms. Simon graduated from Westminster in 1992, then got her degree from the University of Georgia and headed north. “I went up to New York to work for a publishing company. I always loved English and knew after I got my degree in college, I wanted my profession to have something to do with that,” she said.

Although she did like her job, she knew it wasn’t forever. “My goal was to always be back at Westminster. Ever since I graduated, I wanted to be back working at a place that has a warm and loving environment, there are so many opportunities to have fun, laugh, and take risks,” she said.

However, she admits that her journey wasn’t the easiest. “After teaching tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders at Woodward for eight years, I finally started to make my way back to Westminster,” she said.

After subbing for Ms. “J.S.”, she finally obtained her goal by being hired.

Middle School Head Danette Morton is as happy as Ms. Simon for her new position. “I love Ms. Simon, not only as a teacher but as a person. She cares so much about other people, including her students, making her a phenomenal addition to the English Department,” Ms. Morton said.

Another staff member, Clark Meyer, says he enjoys working with Ms. Simon. He said, “She is super nice and smart, and I can tell she cares about her students.”

Not only are other staff members excited to have her here, but her students are too. Ben H., an eighth grade boy, said, “She’s really cool, and I like how she gives out Starbursts on Friday. I like her teaching style. She has a different approach to teaching her students than most teachers.”

Also, Sofi H., an eighth grade girl who has Mrs.Simon, said, “I like her because she has interesting questions and genuinely cares about her students.”

Although Ms. Simon has taught at other schools, she is a Wildcat at heart. “You can’t compare the teaching environment at Westminster to any other schools that I have taught at. I love the encouraging and supportive environment and can’t wait to see how the rest of my career roles out at Westminster,” she said.

Outside of the classroom, students can catch Ms. Simon on the soccer field as a coach. “I can’t wait for the spring. I’m so excited to get to know more students and have more connections around our campus. Also, I am excited about the retreat we are taking the eighth graders on in a few weeks with my advisement group,” she said.

Also, she says a hobby she enjoys that not many people know about is doing yoga and meditating.

From New York to Atlanta, Ms. Tyree Simon has had quite a journey in her English career. But through it all, Westminster was her match, and the Cats are very lucky to have her.

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Graduate Tyree Simon Comes Back to Teach MS English