Thanksgiving: Friends, Family and Favorite Foods

Annie J., Staff Writer

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Imagine this: it’s Thanksgiving morning, and the smells of warm food are already filling the air. From pumpkin pie to mashed potatoes or just the classic turkey, the mouths of middle schoolers are drooling for Thanksgiving dinner.

Out of 97 responses on a recent MS poll, the front-runners for favorite savory foods were rolls and mac-n-cheese, but students also like mashed potatoes and corn.

Peyton T., an eighth grade girl, loves her grandmother’s cornbread. She said, “My Grandma makes the literal best cornbread ever.”

Josie N., an eighth grade girl, said, “I really like mashed potatoes because I’m not a big fan of ham, cranberry sauce, gravy or pie, so I eat turkey and mashed potatoes.”

As it is a Thanksgiving staple, middle schoolers, of course, have to love turkey.

Fletcher F., a seventh grade boy, sticks with the basics. He said, “I just like turkey.”

Carter S., a seventh grade boy, likes turkey because of the variety of ways you can make it. He said, “Turkey, because you can do everything with it like baste it, put stuffing on it, and fry it.”

Additionally, many students have a sweet tooth. Some favorite desserts were all the pies: apple pie, pecan pie and of course, pumpkin pie. Out of 97 responses on a poll, 30 percent stated that pumpkin pie is one of their favorites. Alexa L., a seventh grade girl, loves pumpkin pie.

Sixth grader Lizzie L. said, “My favorite is sweet potato casserole because I like sweets.”

Students also have a variety of places they like to eat Thanksgiving dinner; some stay at home, some go to a relative or friend’s house, and some go out to eat.

Garner C., a sixth grade boy, said, “My favorite Thanksgiving meal is a fish sandwich because I go to the Caribbean for Thanksgiving.”

Josie also said, “I spend the first part of Thanksgiving at my Grandmother’s house at the beach, and then I eat at my other Grandmother’s house in Athens.”

Like Josie, Alexa also goes to her Grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving break begins after school on Friday, November 17, and students are so eager for the week-long break to grab a bite of all of the foods they have been craving and to see their extended families. Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo taken by Annie J.