The Secret Life of a Teacher

Ella F., Staff Writer

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Many people may think that teachers only exist inside of the school hallways; but, in reality, they participate in some interesting activities outside of school.

Whether it is book club, bike racing, or taking care of their children, these teachers seem to do it all. Kim Blodgett, a middle school art teacher, participated in many collegiate bike races and currently enjoys working on her art in a studio.

Ms. Blodgett said, “I was introduced to these activities as a child. I saw the Tour de France on TV and knew that someday I wanted to do that.”

Later as a college freshman she attended a Boston University bicycle racing meeting. At the time, she didn’t own a bike and was made fun of for it, but she worked hard to earn money for a new bike and came back the next year.


Photo courtesy of Kim Blodgett

Ms. Blodgett participated in her first collegiate bike race and performed very well. She still enjoys going on bike rides today.

Many other teachers enjoy getting outside and doing outdoor activities. Vielka Reina, eighth grade girls grade chair, and Heather Karvis, Dean of Girls, both enjoy spending time with family, going on runs, and hiking.

Mrs. Karvis runs a basketball camp in the summer and likes going on runs during the week. She said, “My dad is the reason I like to exercise a lot. Sometimes when we were driving home from somewhere, my dad would stop the car about a mile from the house and tell us to run home. My brothers and I, being as competitive as we are, would race each other home.”

Other teachers like to do relaxing activities outside of school. Danielle Dietrich, middle school math teacher, participates in a book club with other teachers.

Although many may think teachers are only for grading papers, they actually have many interests completely separate from school.