Dramas and Thrillers and Sitcoms, Oh My!

Sarah S., Staff Writer

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(Credit: Johnny Grieg/Science Photo Library/Universal Images Group)

From dramas to anime, the entertainment industry offers an extensive variety of television shows to the general public. Television is a popular pastime amongst Westminster middle schoolers, so it is no surprise that these students watch a multitude of different shows.

Some students prefer drama. Evelyn H., an eighth grader, said, “My favorite show is Quantico. It is so intense and exciting. It keeps me on the edge of my seat.”

Similarly, eighth grader Jack S. also enjoys dramas. “I like Breaking Bad because it is different from other shows, and it doesn’t have a straight plot line where there is an exposition and clear plot. It keeps getting worse and worse. I like how it’s dark.”

Another popular TV drama is The X Files, a thriller series about the FBI and criminal investigations. Sixth grader Colin F. remarked, “After my parents told me about The X Files, I began watching it. It keeps me on the edge of my seat.”

Not only are dramas popular among middle school students, but some enjoy comedies as well. One show that captivates Beatriz A., a seventh grader, is Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about five geeky friends living in California. Beatriz A. said, “I found Big Bang Theory after channel surfing. It’s really funny and cool how they incorporate physics in weird scenarios.”

In addition to other genres of television shows, some students enjoy anime, which is a style of Japanese animation. “Yuri on Ice is my favorite anime show because it has an interesting plot line and concept. I watch it at home on anime websites,” commented sixth grader Sophie I.

Although middle schoolers have different preferences for their favorite television shows, these students all spend a fair amount of time watching their shows.

Some students limit themselves to watch on weekends or during other breaks from school. “I finished Breaking Bad, but when I watched it, I would watch two episodes Saturday and two episodes on Sunday,” said Jack S.

“I watched Quantico during Winter break, and since I had a lot of free time, I watched about two episodes a day,” commented Evelyn H.

However, most students more commonly enjoy their favorite shows throughout the week rather than saving their television time for weekends and breaks.

“I watch Big Bang Theory around three times a week,” said Beatriz A.

Similarly, Sophie I. remarked, “Usually I’ll watch Yuri on Ice around three times a week.”

Colin F. enjoys watching his show every day. He said, “I watch about one episode of The X Files a day.”

Overall, drama television is clearly a common pick in the middle school. However, TV is a popular pastime for many middle school students, despite their different preferences in genres.

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