Stupid Challenges Lead to Serious Injuries

James S., Staff Writer

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What would happen if a can of aerosol and a flame mixed? A dangerous homemade flamethrower that could cause severe burns. But for some teens, the temptation to make a video to post online is too hard to resist.

The internet has been peppered with odd challenges over the years, and some people decide to try them whether they are dangerous or not.

People performing these challenges on the internet have inspired teens to try it for themselves, which has resulted in serious injuries and in some cases, death.

The challenges range from eating detergent pods, which can result in death, to making a homemade flamethrower to flaunt in front of the camera.

Some teens perform these challenges with the idea that it will gain them popularity. They are wrong.

The teens that do this have the mindset that since they see people do it online, it is safe and can amass views. But in reality, it can endanger themselves and the people around them.

The Banana and Sprite Challenge is one that has been gaining popularity on the internet. The challenge is to eat two bananas and drink a can of Sprite without throwing up. While this makes it likely that the challenger will get sick, it doesn’t come with a guaranteed health risk. It’s just gross.

The Tide Pod Challenge, which has gone viral in January, consists of people eating the highly toxic Tide detergent pods. Consuming a pod can cause organ damage, loss of consciousness, and even death. Many people on the internet try to convince other people to try it thinking it is funny and harmless.

Heather Karvis, a dean in the middle school, described the challenge as dangerous and pushes people to educate themselves before performing these challenges. “I have heard of the Tide, banana and cinnamon challenges. I can understand how it appears to be funny to certain age groups, but from an adult standpoint, it is stupid and scary.

“For the banana and cinnamon challenges, I wonder why would you want to hurt yourself by throwing up and choking, but is safer than the Tide challenge. All of these have potential to be dangerous and can cause death. Be educated before making these decisions,” she said.

Elie L., a sixth grade girl, called the challenges dangerous and idiotic. “I have heard of the challenges and I think they are very dangerous. I don’t think they gain anyone popularity because they can injure you and that is stupid,” she said.

Stephen S., an eighth grade boy, agrees. He said, “I have heard of these challenges and they are stupid and dangerous. They certainly won’t gain you popularity if you kill yourself.”

Ashley McCauley, the middle school nurse, said that these challenges present many health risks. She said, “I have heard of the Tide challenge and know that these pods are very toxic to the human system. I haven’t heard of the banana challenge, but it seems a lot less dangerous compared to the Tide challenge. It may not be as harmful, but neither of them are smart. I think people need to tone down these challenges and be smart about doing them. Common sense should be used with these challenges.”

Photo by James S.

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