Terrible Trends of 2017

Jordan S., Staff Writer

Many middle schoolers like to be trendy and follow the latest fads, but throughout the past year some trends didn’t appeal to many MS Wildcats.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a trend is a general movement or a current style or preference. Eighth grade boy Marzuq U. defined a trend or craze as something that is “in” right now.

Others say that a trend is a topic that is the subject of many posts on social media within a short period of time. For the most part, trends are what people want to follow, but during 2017 many fads were just too wacky to follow.

Henley T., an eighth grade girl, thinks that fidget spinners were the worst trend of the year. She said, “Fidget spinners were loud, annoying, and were just a toy.”

Photo by Jordan S. Kathleen H., Peyton T., and Ruthie H. smiling with a fidget spinner.

In a survey of middle school students, the three top worst trends were fidget spinners, crazy-shaped eyebrows, and slime. About 57 percent of the 98 students who responded said that crazy-shaped eyebrows were the worst trend, but 50 percent of the students said that fidget spinners were a useless trend.

Slime finished in third place; 35.7 percent of respondents said it was the at the top of the list for bad trends.

The MS Wildcats thought that slime was one of the worst trends of 2017 because it smells awful, and the ingredients get everywhere.

The shaped eyebrows weren’t a trend that middle schoolers took part in, but the fad was a big hit on social media. Many students said that the eyebrow craze was the worst trend because they were unpractical and ugly.

Sixth grade girl Ashlee F. said that she thinks hair scrunchies and pop sockets were the worst trends of 2017. She said, “They were just not my type or style and kind of dumb.”

Many people are embarrassed now that they did follow the trends, like sixth grade girl Ava R. She said, “I did end up getting a Fidget Spinner because they were really fun to play with when you were bored.” Ava doesn’t play with the toy now, but enjoyed it when the trend was popular.

Some people decided not to take part in any trends because they didn’t think it was their style or because they wanted to stay true to themselves.

There were also trends that people did like throughout the year, some having to do with fashion. Walking through the halls, middle school girls can be seen wearing ripped jeans and oversized sweatshirts.

Out of 89 students who answered, 28 of them said that their favorite trend was oversized sweatshirts, and 14 middle schoolers said that ripped jeans were their favorite trend.

All in all, fidget spinners, slime, and crazy shaped eyebrows were the worst trends of 2017. Hopefully no future trends follow in these footsteps.