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Jamming through Clarkson Hall

Allie R., Staff Writer

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Listening to music can boost one’s mood and a favorite song can make someone’s day a little brighter. At Westminster, students and teachers are jamming into the new school year.

Middle schoolers like to listen to their favorite music throughout the day and have a wide preference of music genres, singers, and songs.

Most students are listening to Pop, Rap, Country, Hip-Hop and some Classical music. Others are listening to Rhythm and Blues, Rock, K-Pop, and Trap music.

Lachlan O., a sixth grade boy, said, “I like to listen to rap mostly.”

Students believe their teachers only listen to “old” music but they actually listen to the same kind of music students do. English teacher Danny Alexander proves that point. He said, “I have a big mix. I listen to country, folk, and some hip-hop but not a lot. I’m a little bit all over the place.”

Singers including Taylor Swift, Juice Wrld, Shawn Mendes, XXXtentacion, and Pitbull are very popular in the Middle School.

John M., seventh grade boy, said, “My favorite rap singer right now is Lil Uzi Vert, and my favorite song from him is ‘Top’.”

Commonly, students can’t pick one favorite singer. Ellie P., an eighth grade girl, has many favorites. She said, “I don’t have a favorite country singer, but if did my top three would be Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton.”

People listen to their favorite songs until they get it stuck in their heads. Various middle schoolers enjoy the same songs.

Students love the songs “Legends”, “Moonlight”, “In My Feelings”, “Better Now”, and “SAD!”

Dorothy V., a seventh grade girl, said, “My favorite song from Taylor Swift is probably ‘End Game.’”

Teachers sometimes let their students listen to music during class if it helps them work more efficiently. Students who listen to music during class must wear earphones to prevent distracting others. Seventh Grader, John said, “Some of them do. I listen to music when they let me.”

Other teachers never let their students listen to music even with ear buds. Lachlan said, “Nope, my teachers have never let me play my own music.”

A few teachers play their own music out loud for their students. Ellie said, “Yes, my teachers play music to keep us focused on our work, and I like the music they play.”

Wildcat students and teachers seem likely to keep jamming to the songs that lift their moods throughout the rest of the school year.

Photo by Allie R.

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One Response to “Jamming through Clarkson Hall”

  1. Steven Shores on September 13th, 2018 10:23 pm

    Lots of music lovers at Westminster. Great article Allie. You write very well!

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Jamming through Clarkson Hall