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Social Media: Harmful or Helpful?

Jenny J., Staff Writer

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It’s no doubt that social media and technology is taking over the world, especially for young people in middle school.

According to Westminster middle schoolers, the most used social media apps are Instagram and Snapchat. Although social media can connect people, it can also have negative effects. Caroline I., an eighth grade girl, said, “I think social media is a good way to connect with people you don’t see as often, but I think it can also hurt people’s feelings.”

A common trend is that girls seem to use social media more often than boys, and older students in seventh and eighth grade use more social media than sixth graders.

Brantley C., a sixth grade girl, does not have any forms of social media, but she said, “In our grade, I feel like most arguments are from musical.ly and the number of likes and comments that you get.”

Time spent on these apps can affect certain parts of a student’s life, especially grades. Claire Q., a seventh grade girl, said, “I spend one hour on Instagram every day.” When asked if she has ever procrastinated homework because of social media, she said, “Yes, because it’s hard managing time for both.”

Many friendship problems generate from social media, especially in the middle school since this tends to be the age where young people get exposed to it.

Caroline said, “Most friendship problems on social media happen when friends hang out without you and then post about it.”

Many kids said that they feel like they have spent too much time on Instagram and snapchat instead of doing homework.

Riyan P., an eighth grade boy, said, “Sometimes I lose track of time and don’t get my homework done on time.” This situation is very common.

Although it is obvious that there are negative effects, there are also positive ones.

Middle schoolers said that their favorite part of having these apps is being able to talk to friends even when not in the same place. It is also a good way to connect with long-distance family members.

Brantley said, “Although I don’t have social media, I can’t imagine the world without it.”

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2 Responses to “Social Media: Harmful or Helpful?”

  1. Evelyn on November 7th, 2018 10:59 am

    Great job Jenny! This story is very informational, and I can relate to all of the quotes! Awesome job!!!

  2. Zeke on November 7th, 2018 11:02 am

    I love how you mentioned some of the pros and cons of social media. This really speaks to the best of both worlds. Great work.

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Social Media: Harmful or Helpful?