Too Much Social Media?

Ireland M., Staff Writer

Although Westminster middle school students are not allowed to be on their phones during the school day, most use time after school to go on Social Media.

Many middle schoolers think that people are on their phones and on Social Media too much; however, some students choose to limit their time on technology.

Houston G., a sixth-grade boy, said, “Students spend too much time on Social Media, but I think that having Social Media is both bad and good for our generation because it is another source of communication.”

Many eighth graders have more platforms of Social Media; moreover, sixth graders are more likely to have fewer platforms of Social Media because of their age. It’s more likely for them to be restricted with the amount of time on their phones and how much Social Media they have.

An eighth-grade girl Millie N. said, “I have seven types of Social Media, and I am on my phone for five or more hours. My parents don’t restrict the amount of time I’m on my phone because if I am on it too much, I realize I need to get off.”

Through several interviews and reviewing the responses to a student survey, it is clear that Snapchat, Instagram, Vsco, Twitter, Fortnite, and Tik Tok, are the most common platforms of Social Media used.

Out of the six platforms, over 201 billion people use these platforms. Most students use at least one to two of these platforms.

Although many girls and boys spend significant time on their phones, some spend way less. Out of the 92 students who responded to the survey, 68 spend between 0-2 hours on Social Media a day.

Diya V., a sixth-grade girl, said, “I usually only spend 15-30 minutes on my phone and my parents don’t restrict the amount of time on my phone. I just like to do other things.”

Many girls can agree that they compare themselves when seeing others on Social Media. Sometimes when looking at people’s Instagram, Vsco, or Snapchat, you think they look very good or even bad and begin comparisons.

Seventh-grade girl Mary Kent B. said, “I think Social Media is kind of bad for our generation because many people compare themselves to others, and my parents limit the amount of time I spend.”

Although Social Media can be bad for students and people in general, many students think it is good for catching up on news and seeing what people are doing.

Lawrence M., an eighth-grade boy, said, “I think Social Media is good in many ways because I get to see what’s going on in the world, and I get to talk to my friends.”

Most students in the middle school spend a couple hours on their phones a day. Seventh-grade boy Gibson T. said, “My parents don’t limit the amount of time I spend on my phone, so I usually spend a couple hours on Social Media or on electronics a day.”

Overall, students in the middle school agree that people can be on Social Media an extensive amount of time, but it can be good because it is another source of communication.

Photo by Ireland M. Eighth grade girls love their Social Media.