Is Fortnite Dancing Here to Stay?

Mack T., Staff Writer

Last year, a new video game took the world by storm. Fortnite has racked up three billion dollars, according to an article by Jon Russell, just a year and a half after its release even though it is a free-to-play game.

The reason they made so much money is partly because of the emotes players can purchase during the game. These moves started a trend in the real world and are very popular to do in middle school settings.

Some people are fed up with the moves. Jonny F., an eighth grade boy, said, “People need to stop doing Fortnite dances because it’s annoying.”

Another eighth-grade boy, Lawrence M., who agreed with Jonny, said, “They are used in inappropriate moments.”

These moves are also used in many sports celebrations. One of the most recognizable of the dances is called the Floss. It involves two hands in a fist going in and out, and side to side of each hip.

Fortnite didn’t come up with all of the celebrations, and they are profiting off of someone else’s creations. Lawerence M., an eighth-grade boy, argued, “The dances could be affected by copyright laws.”

Epic Games, the company that makes Fortnite, has already been sued multiple times for their stolen emotes.

The creator of the iconic dance, The Floss, Russell Horning, most commonly known as The Backpack Kid, sued Epic Games, along with many other creators over the emotes players can buy in the game.

Although Horning did not win, it shows that Epic Games needs to make sure they ask the creators if they are okay with adding the dances.

On the other hand, Laith B., an eighth-grade boy doesn’t mind the dances. He said, “It’s just what the kids do these days.”

Likewise, Kelsey L., an eighth-grade girl, said, “I don’t care, and I’m not affected.”

Bryson W., a seventh-grade boy who loves to do these emotes, said, “I don’t think people should stop dancing because the dances are kind of lit.”

For now, Fortnite is in the clear and until the game becomes irrelevant, people will continue to use these dance moves. Like it or not, Fortnite dancing seems here to stay.

Photo by Mack T.
Tyler H. doing the Orange Justice Fortnite dance.