Are Tana ad Jake Real?

Lizzie L, Journalist

Within recent months YouTube stars, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul have started hanging out more than usual. They have claimed to be in a relationship and staged a colossal MTV wedding at the cost of $500,000. Many people say it’s just for publicity, but some claim it’s real. The wedding was streamed, and over 64,000 people paid $50 each to watch. 

We dug a little deeper to get a more accurate conclusion on the “couple.” Jake has spoken out in public about the relationship. He said the romance was “real, but it’s also not.” The couple became engaged on Tana’s 21st birthday (June 24) and were married on July 28.

Two 8th graders were interviewed to get a further outlook on this relationship. The first interviewee, Ryan M., claimed that she was not a fan of either Jake or Tana, but she did know about their relationship. She thought that it wasn’t a real relationship. They were together solely to promote their channels.

The second interviewee, Lara B., is a follower of both Tana and Jake. She was subscribed to them even before the relationship, and she said it made the content much more enjoyable. She thought that the couple was mainly for the business side, but there was probably a bit of truth behind it.

A common trend found with recent videos is that the views have gone up but not as much the subscribers. Tana changed her YouTube handle to Tana Paul instead of Tana Mongeau. News sources have talked to Tana about the relationship, and she said, “Don’t get me wrong, I know marriage is a very serious thing, but at the same time, I think Jake and I don’t take things very seriously, and I have a lot of love for him. But it’s still, obviously, something fun and lighthearted that we’re obviously doing for fun and content.” 

Intouch Magazine said that the couple never got a marriage license, and the marrier didn’t license for that matter. The wedding cost them $500,000, and they made $3,204,550 in sales, which is a profit of $2,704,550. The results for a Google search of “Jake Paul Married” is about 224,000,000 results. Just from that, we know that that there is a lot of buzz from everyone about the couple.

In conclusion, most logically, the relationship is mainly for business. There is probably some truth in the relationship; it is just dramatized for publicity.