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The Future Looks Bright for The Class of 2021

Russell W., Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Susan McMillan

Everyone has a dream or aspiration to become something great that helps the world. Westminster is a school full of bright minds that are the future of the earth. As the eighth graders of Westminster transition into to the high school, they all are one step closer to achieving their fantasies.

There are a wide range of professions out in the world, from athletes to artists, and Westminster, with a diverse population, has the ability to fill a good portion of these jobs.

Anand S., an eighth grader, has a goal to become an engineer. He states that he has always loved to build and has a passion for math.

“In the High School, I plan to participate in the Robotics club. This is a course offered, and I feel it will elevate me to the level I need to become a good engineer,” said Anand.

Anand points out that he will need to continue studying and working hard as well as major in engineering in order to pursue this profession.

Ella J., an eighth grade girl, has different plans of becoming a veterinarian.

“I want to become a vet because I enjoy being around animals, and it is sad when pets have to be in pain,” Ella said.

Ella plans to follow in the footsteps of her uncle. She explained how her uncles are doctors, and she wants to experience the good feeling she gets when helping others.

Ben M. aspires to be a baseball coach in the MLB. He states that coaching a team allows him to develop players, as well as strategize the games the way he thinks will put the team in a good position to win.

“The only real way to prepare for such a big job is to continue playing baseball and learning the sport,” he said.

He looks up to Cardinals Coach Mike Matheny as a role model because he has seen Mathaney do with players what he wants to.

Photo courtesy of Zeke Hoyos

Like Ella, Amy Z., an eighth grade girl, plans to enter the world of medical care; however, Amy would like to help people rather then animals and become a doctor.

“I have always looked up to my mom as a successful woman, and I want to be a doctor just like her. My grandfather was also a doctor,” she said.

In the Upper School, Amy hopes to be a part of the JanTerm “Sports Medicine” course. She feels that this will help further her education in this field.

William B. does not know what he will be, but he does know it will be something that he will enjoy.

“I am really unsure of what is to come for my future, but I am excited to find out as I continue through the Upper School and on to college,” said William.

The Class of 2021 at Westminster is full of brilliant people that have the potential help the world become the best place it can be.

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The Future Looks Bright for The Class of 2021