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Fidget Spinners spin out of control in the MS

Olivia H., Staff Writer

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Photos by Olivia H.

Fidget spinners are currently the biggest trend in the middle school. They are used to help ADHD and anxiety, and they are also very entertaining to the eye. Sold on websites and in stores nationwide, fidget spinners tend to cost from 15 to 20 dollars each.

Middle guidance counselor Saundria Zomalt sees both pros and cons of fidget spinners. “I think that it helps the students focus if they are struggling with ADHD and anxiety disorders, but otherwise it’s a distraction to the students,” she said.

The fidget spinner also has a brother, the fidget cube. Ms. Zomalt personally loves fidget cubes over the fidget spinners. “I like the cube better because it’s something more private that you can navigate under your desk compared to the fidget spinner where it’s also a distraction to others,” she said.

Sadie H., an eighth grader, loves her fidget spinner but does not take it to class like most students. “I think it’s distracting watching it spin, so for that reason, I don’t bring it to class,” she said.

Most teachers like the fact that fidget spinners allow their students to focus more in class. “People who I have seen with fidget spinners their teachers tend not to get mad at them for having one,” Sadie H. said.

According to Seattle Times, Almar Sales will have sold 45 million fidget spinners by the end of May. As school is coming to an end, this latest trend may be shelved for the summer. But middle school students love the fidget spinners and say they will continue to use them for years ahead.










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Fidget Spinners spin out of control in the MS