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Last Call for the Lost and Found

Sadie H., Staff Writer

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The lives of many middle school students can be hectic, so it may be hard to keep up with all belongings. Whether it’s books, jackets, shoes and more, the middle school lost and found helps students to reunite with precious items. Many students find the lost and found useful because everyone loses something every once and a while, and it is nice to have a backup for when those times come.

Photo by Sadie H.
Lost and found outside of Ms. Martins office

“I do think it is useful because there is one place that people can go to find their items, so they don’t have to run around the middle school looking for something important,” said Olivia H., an eighth grade girl.

Many different items get put in the lost in found such as books, shoes, clothes, water bottles, and more.

Evie E., another eighth grader who has been at Westminster since sixth grade, said, “I have lost a jacket before, and then I checked the lost and found and it was in there. Also, I lost my science project which I found in there as well.”

The middle school lost and found stays locked throughout the day, so if someone wanted to get something out of it, Barbara Martin or any of the deans would have to open it with a key.

“I don’t think it should be locked because then you could get your book or item a lot easier. I don’t fully understand why it is locked, but I guess it is for security reasons,” said Olivia.

Many students say that although the lost and found is helpful, it is very hard to find any items because it is so disorganized. Some leaders in the middle school, such as students on the service council, have been helping to try to organize the lost and found.

Ms. Martin is the assistant to the middle school deans. She lets many students in and out of the lost and found each day.

“About five or six students a day ask me to open the lost and found for them. At the end of the year, the items that have Westminster logos on them we give to the faculty or staff because those can’t be donated. The items without the logo get donated, mostly to Goodwill or Red Cross,” said Ms. Martin.

For the first time, in an effort to reunite lost items with their owners, at the beginning of review week, all the items from the lost and found that hadn’t been claimed yet were moved in front of Ms. Martin’s office so that people could get a better look.

“I think that it is good that we put the lost and found out here so kids could get a better look at their belongings, and they are not behind a closed door. The items that have been retrieved the most are clothes. I’m surprised because in the past week not even half the items have been claimed. Even some items with people’s names in them are still here,” said Ms. Martin.

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Last Call for the Lost and Found