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Out with the old MacBook Airs and in with the new

Alexander Z., Staff Writer

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During exam week, Westminster students’ 2013 MacBook Air computers will be switched out for the newer MacBook 2016 computers. Every three years, Westminster leases the newest and greatest MacBooks. This computer swap has created a lot of excitement among teachers and students in the school.

Due to this computer swap, Westminster’s IT has been hard at work, making sure the transition will go smoothly. Each grade has a designated time where they will hand in their old computers and receive the new ones.

Many Westminster students don’t want to give up their old computers. Trip M., an eighth grade student, said, “It is a lot of work to switch to the new computers. Sometimes, I wish we could just keep the old ones.”

On the other hand, Kensington Z., a seventh grade student, is ecstatic to switch to the new computers. She said, “I didn’t even know we got a new computer every three years. When I heard the news that we were getting new computers, I was extremely happy and surprised.”

The teachers received computers that included features such as a touch bar and a better battery. Unfortunately, the students did not receive these same features, but many are still pleased with the ones they received with their new computers.

Some students like the idea of switching computers, but don’t like the idea of backing all their files up. Vance E. said, “It’s a good decision in the long run, but it is a hassle to save all the stuff you need and switch all the files onto your new computer.”

There were many things students liked and disliked about the old computers. Some of the dislikes include that the battery died quickly, that there was no touch bar, and that the cases could break easily. Some of the likes are that it is light, accessible, and small.

Westminster students have mixed feelings about the new MacBook’s color. Alex E., an eighth-grade student, said, “I like the new colored MacBooks because they look more professional and don’t get dirty as easily.”

Ally P., an eighth-grade student, has a very different outlook; she said, “I really liked the old computer’s color. It will take some time to start to like the new one.”

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Out with the old MacBook Airs and in with the new