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They’re Binge Worthy: Favorite Netflix in the Middle School

Taylor G., Staff Writer

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People use their free time in different ways–some spend time outside, some read a book, others craft. But the most common way that middle schoolers fill their free time is by watching shows on Netflix, which has become more and more popular in the past few years.

In the first quarter of this year, Netflix had over 50 million subscribers, and their numbers continued to rise. As of this month, that number is at 93 million. Altogether, Netflix’s 93 million subscribers stream over 125 million hours of TV a day. Because Netflix can be watched without ads, the company is able to save their viewers from a whopping 160 hours of commercials a year.

One eighth grade girl finds it to be a helpful way to unwind after school or sports. “I watch it when my homework’s done and when I don’t have soccer. It’s relaxing,” said Henley T.

Other students prefer to leave TV for the weekend, so that they aren’t distracted during the week.“I watch it on the weekends. Not during the week, no, I don’t like feeling distracted,” said Brooks B., a sixth grade boy.

But some don’t worry as much about staying on task. In fact, some students like to get in a healthy dose of their favorite movie or show before hitting the books. “I watch it all the time! Before and after finishing homework,” said Jada B, a seventh grade girl.

Just like clothing, music, and books, there is definitely a noticeable trend in the middle school when it comes to student’s favorite shows. Some classic favorites are Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and Friends.

This trend was confirmed by a seventh grade girl. “I like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. You know, the typical teenage girl favorites,” said Ariya V.

But students aren’t the only ones who enjoy the offerings of Netflix. Katie Campbell, a sixth grade World Cultures teacher and seventh grade US History teacher, has many favorite shows that she likes to watch after school. “I love Netflix just as much as any student does, I think. I like to watch Friends, New Girl, Sherlock, Hawaii 5-0, and many others,” said Ms. Campbell.

Though teenage girls are often the first ones to express their love for Netflix, the boys also enjoy it. A common favorite amongst sixth grade boys is The Flash, and many seventh and eighth grade boys enjoy shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation.

“My favorite shows are The Office and Family Guy,” said Henry C., a seventh grade boy. Another sixth grade boy commented that he likes The Flash. “I like The Office and The Flash,” said Will D.

“I like watching The Office and Parks and Rec,” said James S., an eighth grade boy.

Netflix continues to release new shows every month and currently provides its viewers with hundreds of TV shows available at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. Whether a student is heading to soccer practice or winding down after finishing homework, it is most likely that they are filling their free time by watching a favorite show on Netflix.

Photo by Taylor G. Three eighth grade girls enjoy the latest Netflix has to offer.

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They’re Binge Worthy: Favorite Netflix in the Middle School