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Wildcat Shuttles; Students Catch a Ride

Thomas E., Staff Writer

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Here at Westminster, students have many ways of getting home. One of the most common ways is riding a shuttle.

There are many reasons to like or dislike riding in the car with other students. Eighth grader James S. said, “I don’t like riding in shuttle because I live the furthest away so I am usually the last to be dropped off.”

While some do not particularly like shuttle, other students enjoy it. “I like shuttle most of the time,” said Henley T. “Sometimes it’s not the greatest, like when I have to hurry and get to soccer.”

Even though most people think students would just choose to use their parents as a taxi, many students would opt to ride in shuttle if given the choice. Sixth grader Elliot S. said, “I like to ride shuttle because it helps my mom out to not have to drive me everywhere. Also I like to talk to people.”

In contrast, some students would rather have their parents drive them. Josie N. said, “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to. It just takes so long.”

Rules can be a burden sometimes but there are rules in everything. In shuttle the students have some unspoken rules. “We have a lot of rules,” said Henley T. “Some of them are that the eighth graders sit where they want, and if your parents are driving, you ride shotgun.”

Helping the environment can be a huge issue in today’s society. Henry S. said, “Riding in a shuttle helps save gas and time for parents. Also it helps use reduce our carbon footprint by having less CO2 released into the atmosphere.”

Sometimes parents are treated like a personal taxi service. Shuttle helps them to make fewer trips to and from school. Parent Kathleen Eidbo said, “I love shuttle, I get to make less trips to school, and I meet some Westminster kids when I drive.”

Overall shuttle can help parents out and save them time while also letting the kids talk and have fun. Hayes W. said, “Shuttle seems like it is a great opportunity for both parents and kids to save time or have fun.”

Photo by Thomas E.
Turner Gym is one of the common shuttle pick up areas.

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One Response to “Wildcat Shuttles; Students Catch a Ride”

  1. Colin G on October 6th, 2017 1:04 pm

    Good job Thomas- I liked the different varieties of how people get home.

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Wildcat Shuttles; Students Catch a Ride