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Is the Campus Center THE Place to go?

Isai S.

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The Campus Center, located in Broyles Art Center, not far from the Middle School, attracts students from all grades. But while they love the variety, many of them think the prices are high.

Upper School students are allowed to stay and enjoy their food. While middle school students buy their food and go, US students are able to play ping pong, watch TV, and sit on the couches.

In the Campus Center, foods and snacks are purchased and eaten by students every single week. “On an average, around 350 people buy food items here every day,” said Melody T., a campus center worker.

Prices range from a 75-cent milk carton to a $3.75 smoothie. “I don’t go to the campus center often, but when I do, I just get a drink,” said Andrew M., an eighth grade boy.

People love the campus center for its baked foods: brownies, cookies, and donuts are some examples of their offerings. “The most recent and popular food items would be the pizza bagels and the new ice cream we sell,” said Melody T.

Some don’t buy food there, but simply enjoy the atmosphere. “It’s a nice place to hang out with friends, but I don’t buy food there,” said Riyan P., a seventh grade boy.

The MS handbook says that only seventh and eighth grade students may visit the Campus Center after lunch only on their designated day. Students may only purchase snacks for themselves.

The current schedule allows students to share the campus center with other grades on certain days of the week.

“I actually like the schedule; it limits me on buying too much, but I also think that their pricing is a little expensive,” said Josie A., a seventh grade girl.

Students like Jim D. love the campus center for its good food. “When I go to the campus center, I get a brownie or a donut. I usually spend around five dollars a week there,” he said.

Middle School students who have visited the campus center have enjoyed it, but others do not buy food there. Even though they may not like the prices, many still love and enjoy the food.

Photo By Isai S.

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One Response to “Is the Campus Center THE Place to go?”

  1. Ben H. on October 6th, 2017 11:31 am

    I thought that you did a good job with interviewing campus center employees, which gave a lot of good elements to the story

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Is the Campus Center THE Place to go?