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Pets: Mankind’s Adorable Friends

Ben H., Staff Writer

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A picture of my puppy (taken by Ben H.)

Charlotte K.’s Guinea pigs, Bailey and Sunny (Taken by Charlotte K.)

Most middle school students love having a pet of some sort, whether it be big, small, furry, scaly, or slimy. People love their pets, and pets love their people.

According to a recent study, about 62 percent of students own dogs, making them the most popular pet in the middle school, followed by cats at 17 percent, then fish at 14 percent.

Pets can also directly affect one’s mental and physical health in positive ways: they boost s popular self-esteem, can monitor health changes, improve relationships, and bring families closer together. They can help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, allergies, chronic pain, and even depression.

Everybody occasionally has a day where things just don’t go their way. But having a friend to come home to always helps fix a bad mood.

“Sometimes when I’m feeling down, he comes over and plays with me,” said Ava B., a sixth grade girl, who has a dog named Maverick.

“I have one dog named Cinnamon and one bearded dragon named Fruity, and when I’m down they comfort me,” said Sophie I., a sixth grade girl.

As students, children have a lot on their plates, like homework, a project to finish, sports, an upcoming test, and time to enjoy being a kid. Fitting all of that into their schedules can build up a lot of stress, but pets are scientifically proven to help relieve stress.

“Apparently pets are very therapeutic, and they help a lot with stress,” said Charlotte K., an eighth grade girl.

However, just the fact that pets are therapeutic isn’t the only reason students love their pets; in addition, they’re fun, they’re cute, and they can learn tricks.

“They’re cute. I like to take them outside, and they can sit up on their back legs, but that’s about it. I’m trying to train them to do some more tricks,” said Charlotte, about her guinea pigs, Bailey and Sunny.

Some students like to come home to peace and quiet, and a dog that runs up and barks would not fit that situation. However dogs aren’t the only pets one can have.

Arjun P., a seventh grader, has a bird named Angel. “I like her because she doesn’t talk much. She’s quiet,” he said.

A pet is more than just something nice to have around, whether for company, comfort, tricks, or games. A pet is a friend.

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  1. CarolineD0022 on October 6th, 2017 1:01 pm

    “Pets can also directly affect one’s mental and physical health in positive ways,” so powerful and inspiring!

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Pets: Mankind’s Adorable Friends