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Students Donate for Homes and Hurricane Relief

Sarina D., Staff Writer

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Ms. Mosely on the construction site of her new home. Photo courtesy of The Glenn Institute.

What does it take to see a favorite teacher in a chicken suit? And who wouldn’t want to have a donut or Willy’s party at school? During October, middle schoolers brought in cash to try to win these prizes and donate to a good cause.

The annual Habitat for Humanity fundraiser is a Westminster tradition where students and teachers work together to raise money to build a home for a less fortunate family in the Atlanta area. The middle school students participate by donating money to fund supplies and equipment needed on a construction site where upper school students are able to physically build the home.

Westminster partners with other schools in the area for the build. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that works to build homes for the less fortunate. Over the past 40 years, Habitat has worked to improve housing conditions for 9.8 million people across the world.

This year, students and teachers are working hard to build a home for Ms. Mosely and her eight-year-old daughter. But, because of recent hurricane devastation in Texas and Florida, Habitat is donating half the money raised to building homes in those areas. Eighth grader Sydney M. was more interested in donating this year because of the additional fundraiser.

The middle school service council, led by sixth grade science teacher Brenda Cobler, advises and runs the fundraiser in the middle school which lasted from October 16-24.

This year, the middle school raised over 2,000 dollars. The sixth grade girls outshined the other middle school groups and raised over 1,000 dollars alone. Their contribution earned them a donut party and the choice of which teacher would don the chicken suit. They chose Mr. Cutbirth to wear the infamous costume for the day. Additionally, Mr. F-C’s advisement won the Willy’s lunch party and Mr. Sadtler’s advisement won an ice cream party.

Middle school service lead Kappi J. said, “The collection is important because it helps students to become aware of how they can help their community and serve the less fortunate.”

Eighth grade girl Nishka B. donated money to support the fundraiser. She said, “I donated to help the building of the house. I love the idea of how my donations can help to change the life of one family.” Eighth grade girls Sydney M. also donated to help Ms. Mosely and her family, but were additionally interested in donating for the incentives.

Many middle school students wanted to donate, but forgot about the fundraiser.  Some claimed that the fundraiser wasn’t promoted enough; therefore, students were unaware of when and how to donate. Helen M. said “I think that the collection could have lasted longer and the service council students should have spoken to each homeroom to remind the students of the collection.”

Kappi J. said, “We changed the collection process this year. Instead of the collecting money by advisement, each grade/gender group competes. We thought this would be the most productive way to raise the most money and that it would create a different experience for the eighth graders as they have been participating in the collection for three years.”

In the end, the Habitat for Humanity collection in the middle school was a success. Many students and teachers throughout the middle school donated money to help Ms. Mosely and her family as well as hurricane relief.

Mr. Cutbirth was chosen to wear the chicken suit by the winning group, the sixth grade girls. Photo courtesy of Susan McMillan.

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Students Donate for Homes and Hurricane Relief