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Winter’s Cool Down Begins

Kathleen H., and Ashley V. in their warm sweatshirts!

Kathleen H., and Ashley V. in their warm sweatshirts!

Josie N.

Josie N.

Kathleen H., and Ashley V. in their warm sweatshirts!

Josie N., Staff Writer

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Brrrrr, it’s cold outside. There’s nothing like a sip of hot chocolate and wearing a warm sweatshirt as winter approaches.

Everyone has a favorite season, and for many it’s winter. The temperatures are dropping and making people excited about colder weather.

Denton S., an eighth grade boy, said, “I like winter because I like sitting by the fireplace and getting cozy. I also wish we had snow in Atlanta. When I play sports in the winter sometimes my hands get really cold. Also, I would rather have the cold weather we have now than the hot weather in the summer.”

In Atlanta, the low temperatures in the winter months average 33 degrees to 54 degrees, according to The Weather Channel. In fact, on Nov. 10, temperatures dropped into the low 30s in the morning as the students were arriving at school.

In 2015, Atlanta had four inches of snow.  Because of its rarity, when the snowflakes started to fall students jumped for joy and grabbed their sleds. School was closed for a week.

A seventh grader Sarabeth G. said, “I like winter because it means that Christmas is near.  One of my favorite parts is the cold weather. I do play tennis though, and I have to put on lots of layers so I don’t get cold, but I don’t mind. Also, I like wearing boots and sweaters to school in the cold months.”

Some don’t like how the cold weather affects their sports, but Westminster’s winter activities are all indoors and include wrestling, squash, basketball, swimming, and diving.

Dayton G., a sixth grade boy, dislikes how winter affects his sports. He said, “The cold weather definitely makes the soccer season less enjoyable. I also have to worry about putting on more layers so I don’t get cold while playing, which is a bit of a pain, and the bench we have to sit on is freezing! My parents also go to less games during the winter because it’s so cold.”

So pour a mug of hot chocolate and break out a favorite fuzzy sweatshirt; here comes winter!

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Winter’s Cool Down Begins