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Is Homework over the Holidays Allowed?

Helen M., Staff Writer

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Homework is assigned to students mostly every night to review and practice what they learned in class. On average, homework for exam courses takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. But, is homework allowed to be assigned during the holidays?

According to the Middle School Academic Policies and Course Offerings 2017-18 handbook, assignments are not supposed to be given to students over Thanksgiving, spring break, and Easter vacations.

Photo by Helen M.
A student holds up a list of assignments to do.

Asst. Head of Middle School for Academic Programs Leslie Ann Little said, “The policy is enforced because we think it’s important that periodically you just take a cogitative break and do something different.”

If students are assigned work over any of these three breaks, they should let a grade chair or Ms. Little know about it.

“It’s one of the big reasons why we moved exams before Christmas in the middle school; we used to give them in January. We felt like it really infringed on Christmas and as a consequence people were studying when they ought to be with family,” Ms. Little said.

According to a recent survey, students reported having homework over many holidays in the past, such as Halloween, Fall Break, Labor Day weekend, Easter Break, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and Presidents’ Day weekend.

Seventh grade girl Avery M. said, “I don’t think we should have homework over holidays because that’s time when we don’t have school and should be spending it with family and friends, and it shouldn’t be focused on doing homework or studying for tests.”

Many agree. Seventh grade girl Quinn S. said, “I have had homework on the holidays and have had to stress about it the whole holiday weekend or week, which takes time out of spending time with relatives.”

According to the survey, 91.2 percent of students have had homework over holidays or have had to study for a test. Eighth grade boy Nicholas H. said, “I think homework is kind of is ok because it only takes one day, but when I have to study for a test, it gets kind of annoying because I want to spend time with my family and not have to study.”

About 32 percent of the students who responded had homework on Halloween or had to study for a test on Halloween night. About 18 percent of students have had to complete work on fall break

Although for some holidays homework is allowed, students still think that having to complete assignments over holidays is stressful.

Eighth grade girl Caroline B. said, “I don’t think homework should be allowed because you should be able to relax on the holidays.”

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Is Homework over the Holidays Allowed?