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Is the Campus Center Worth the Money?

Toby L., Staff Writer

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Photo by Toby L.

The Westminster Middle School has two places designated for only food; the Campus Center, located in Broyles, and the Malone dining hall, located in Pressly.

Both locations have their pros and cons.

The Campus Center is only open during lunch for seventh and eighth graders, but students must go to Malone first. However, seventh graders are only allowed in the Campus Center during the lunch period for two days per week, while eighth graders are allowed four days per week (two days for girls, two days for boys).

“I don’t really care whether we get to go during lunch in sixth grade or not. I like it after school, but I don’t understand why people would spend money when there is food in the cafeteria,” said Andrew S., a sixth grade boy.

The Malone dining hall is open every day for lunch and is included in the tuition.

The Campus Center food is not complimentary; in fact, 82.8 percent of the middle school students find prices too high.

“I like the Campus Center food better, but since it costs money, I always go to the cafeteria,” said Nik V., an eighth grade boy in the middle school.

Like 66.4 percent of middle school students, Nik enjoys Campus Center food better.

However, like 33.6 percent of middle school students, eighth grade boy Alex E. said, “I actually like cafeteria food better. I think that it is much more healthy.”

Eighth grade girl Sophie A. said, “I like the cafeteria food better because it has higher quality food and has more options for making your own lunch.”

The Campus Center offers a different variety of food for students.

Seventh grade girl Anastasia W. said, “I personally prefer campus center food because I really like bagels and pastries, plus they also have things like cereal and fruit which is pretty great.”

Also, 66.1 percent of middle school students find that cafeteria lines take more than five minutes, while 33.9 percent find that campus center lines take more than five minutes.

Overall, both places have different values and different things to offer that different students appreciate. In fact, the middle school students are almost even on which they would go to for their everyday lunch; 49.6 percent enjoy the cafeteria and 50.4 percent enjoy the campus center.

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Is the Campus Center Worth the Money?