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New Nurse’s Office; Saving Steps for the Sick

Ethan R., Staff Writer

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Photo by Ethan R. Middle School nurse Ashley McCauley is ready to help when needed.

Westminster added a new nurse’s office in the middle school on September 1st, 2017. Before, middle schoolers had to share a nurse’s office with the high school in Pressly Hall.

The new nurse’s office is located on the third floor in Clarkson Hall, much closer to the middle schoolers, leaving the old nurse’s office for the high schoolers. Exactly 100 percent of MS students love the new nurse’s office.

Just over 22 percent of students in the middle school have had a problem where they haven’t been able to get to the nurses office because they have injured themselves so badly that they can’t walk.

Multiple people go to the nurse’s office. Seven percent of students in the middle school have to go to the nurse 4-5 times per week, proving that the new nurse is easier to get to.

About 93.2 percent of middle schoolers like the new nurse’s office more than the old nurse’s office.

Eighth grade boy Drew D. said, “I have never been to the new nurse’s office, but it looks much nicer than the one in Pressly Hall.”

Drew D. may not have been yet, but he has walked by the new  space multiple times and thinks it is much easier to use. He also thinks it looks much more kid-friendly compared to the nurse’s office in Pressly.

Eighth grade boy Jack R. M. said, “I have been to the new nurse’s office, and it is much more accessible compared to the one in Pressly.”

Jack has been to the nurse because of an extremely bad headache and was thankful he did not have to walk far to get to the nurse.

Seventh grade boy Chase R. said, “I have never been to the new nurse’s office, because I have never gotten injured at school.”

Nurse Ashley McCauley loves the new job, but she is having a hard time running the nurse all by herself.

Nurse McCauley said, “Currently we are looking for the perfect nurse that we can hire for the job; so far everybody has been great but not perfect. I am so excited to have a fellow nurse in the office.”

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New Nurse’s Office; Saving Steps for the Sick