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The World of Favorite Fruit Break Snacks

Katherine Y., Staff Writer

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Fruit break is a time for middle schoolers to take a break, eat a snack, and talk to friends. Years ago a student suggested putting this break into the routine, and since then students have appreciated the time.

It takes place after the first two classes of the day on a normal day from 10:05 – 10:15 a.m. It is designed to be longer than the five minute interval students have to get to the next class, but short enough so it does not take up a huge chunk of time.

During fruit break, students can be seen eating an abundance of colorful snacks, but many of them are crackers or some sort of dry food. “I like Goldfish,” said Peter D., a sixth grade boy.

Many students prefer crackers because they are dry and easy to get to and from school. Amelia H., an eighth grade girl, said, “I prefer saltines because they are easy to carry around in my hand.”

Photo by Katherine Y.

Some choose to just spend fruit break socializing with friends and don’t bring a snack.“I don’t bring a snack because I’m not hungry, and there is no time to get it in my bag in the morning,” said Mykah B., an eighth grade girl.

Many students prefer to share their snack with friends rather than keep it to themselves because no one likes others to be hungry.

Fruit break is a ten-minute long period, and some feel as though they do not have enough time to finish their food. “If we had five more minutes, I would be able to finish my food,” eighth grader Katherine G. said.

Not only do some students not have enough time to eat, they also don’t always don’t always get to the locker commons in time to eat and socialize before their next class.

Even though some say students need more time to get back to the locker commons and eat, most think it is a prefect amount time and the right time of the day to socialize with friends and to eat a snack.

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The World of Favorite Fruit Break Snacks