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Middle Schoolers’ Must-See Movies

Ruthie H., Staff Writer

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Photo by Ruthie H.

Watching movies has been a favorite activity of teenagers for years. But what people are watching and how they are watching it is changing.

In a recent middle school survey, 28 percent of students said Star Wars: The Last Jedi was their favorite, but just behind it with 27 percent was Jumanji. In third place with 18 percent was Pitch Perfect 3, while 12 percent preferred the Greatest Showman.

Where did they watch this favorite movie? Where do they normally enjoy watching movies, and what is so special about this preferred place?

Seventh grader Claire B. said, “My recent favorite movie has been Pitch Perfect 3. I went to see it at the theater. I enjoy going to the theater because the screen is huge, and you can go with your friends. The movie was very funny in general, and I love comedies. The actors and actresses were great as well.”

Most students normally watch movies at the theater, but 26 percent watch movies on Netflix, including Claire B.

Eighth grade girl Janie C. said, “I loved Jumanji because it so funny. I like the theater because in Phipps Plaza they have really comfy chairs. I usually watch movies on Netflix, and I really like it because you can watch movies and shows on the go, and they have so many options.”

Eighth grade boy Luca F. is another Netflix lover, but his favorite movie was Star Wars.

He said, “I liked the newest Star Wars because I am personally a huge fan of those movies. I saw it in the theater, and I like the theater because the seating is much more comfortable, and the special affects seem more real.”

For some the theater is a frequent visit, but for others, like Luca, the theater is a rare occasion but a treat.

Sixth grade boy Gael M. also preferred Jumanji and said, “I liked Jumanji because it was funny. I saw it in the theater, and I like the theater because you can see movies early.”

He usually watches movies at his house on On Demand as do 13 percent of students. According to Yahoo, it takes 2-4 months for a movie to be available through On Demand. The more popular the movie is, the longer it is in the theater: so, the amount of time it takes to get onto On Demand is longer.

According to Business Insider, in 1930 70 percent of people went to the movie theater weekly. Statista says, in 2017 people went to the theater just several times during the year.

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Middle Schoolers’ Must-See Movies