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Christian Emphasis Week in the MS: Blessed

Alex L., Staff Writer

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Photo by Reverend Tina McCormick

This year’s Christian Emphasis Week theme is “blessed.” The week is dedicated to celebrating Christian ideas and values and teaching others about the religion. It is a time for Christians to celebrate Christianity and for people of other religions to learn about it.

Reverend Tina McCormick, the Middle School chaplain, said, “It’s going to give us an opportunity to think about what ‘blessed’ really means. I think it’s a complicated word because people think of it differently. This year we are focusing on the Beatitudes, and Jesus has a very special description of the word blessed.”

Eighth grade student Stephen S., who has been on Chapel Council for two years, said, “It means a lot because there are a lot of events going on in the world, and people could use our prayers. It perfectly reflects on the tragedies happening in today’s society.”

Seventh grade girl Anastasia W. also finds meaning in the theme. She said, “To me, this theme means to have a family, friends, and close relationships with them.”

The week of fun assemblies and education of religion kicks off on April 9 and ends on April 13. Chapel council members are working hard to prepare and to make sure the three assemblies are filled with excitement.

Stephen, who was part of the planning committee of last year’s CEW, said, “I was on tech, and we came up with the idea of the rubber ducky scavenger hunt.”

Rev. McCormick said, “I loved when the bird flew out of the magician’s hand and also enjoyed the depth of thinking that the week required of Chapel Council.”

Anastasia said, “My favorite part was going outside and doing all the fun activities.”

Members of this special week are very excited to help out and find new ideas and activities to represent the theme “blessed.”

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Christian Emphasis Week in the MS: Blessed