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Playing Cards: A Time for Fun and Bonding

Katherine Y., Staff Writer

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Card games are a form of entertainment that have been played since the 9th century. According to an article by Adam Wintle from the website The World of Playing Cards, in the past cards were not only used to play games, they were also made to be admired and looked at. Some of the earliest surviving decks were even hand painted.

Many people see card games  as a way to bond with friends and family and still have fun while doing it. Card games are a great way for people to bond, whether they know each other or not. In The Wall Street Journal an article by Sue Shellenbarger reported that the conversation and friendly rivalry that come with sitting down to play cards can strengthen family ties and friendships.

In a Middle School survey with 125 responses, 34.4 percent of students said they play card games about once a month, and 65.6 percent normally play them at home. The overall favorite game in the middle school is Bologna Sandwich.

Bologna Sandwich is a game that goes around clockwise placing cards face down in order, starting with the ace of spades. Everyone must put cards or a card down, but the cards are not always what the player says they are. The point of the game is to try to catch someone lying and run out of cards.

Photo By Katherine Y.

Many of the games middle schoolers like are played with many players. “BS is a fun camp game, is a good way to be with lots of friends, and it is fun to see how friends act when they lie,” said eighth grade boy Michael T.

Sabrina F., a seventh grade girl, said, “I don’t play card games often, so I like Go Fish because it’s the only card game I remember.”

Some think card games are not a productive use of time. “Card games are not necessarily a good use of time, but it’s better than watching TV because you’re interacting with people,” said Virginia H. an eighth grade girl.

With more and more time, many card games have been developed into apps on phones. The new apps have good and bad potential. Virginia also said, “People will start to lose interest in playing with actual cards which will result in the loss of getting together with friends and bonding.”

Michael T. has a different opinion. He said, “Card games on phones is a good thing because you can play more often, and as long as there are traditional summer camps and camps with no phones, card games, in that sense, will never die.”

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Playing Cards: A Time for Fun and Bonding