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Students Go For Gold in Reading Olympics

Nicholas H., Staff Writer

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Photo by Nicholas H.

On Tuesday, March 6, Westminster had its own medal ceremony where many walked away with gold, silver and bronze medals made in our own STEAM lab.

During the month of February, middle schoolers competed in the Reading Olympics. Based off the Pyeongchang Olympics, the Reading Olympics had different events where students read different genres of books, including historical fiction, American or Canadian classics, and poetry.

To win a bronze medal, a student had to complete five events. For silver, seven events were required. And finally to get a gold medal, all nine events had to be checked off. 

The Reading Olympics were started by Addie Matteson, a middle school librarian. Ms. Matteson, with the help of English teacher Catherine Zidow, adapted the idea from a Pinterest post another librarian posted. She said, “We adapted their idea and then Ms. Zidow and I worked together to make it include all the students in the Middle School.”

 Ms. Zidow said that they tried to get boys to read more by adding the medals portion of the competition. The medals portion of the event gives an incentive for students to compete. Next year, Ms. Zidow plans to create another form of the Reading Olympics, but based off a different event.

Eighth grader Sophie O. competed in the Reading Olympics and enjoyed the experience. She said, “I was excited to try to the Reading Olympics because I really like to read.” Sophie also said that the Reading Olympics gave her a chance to read genres she wouldn’t normally read, such as poetry.

Margaret W., an eighth grade girl, competed in the Reading Olympics as well. Margaret was ready to go for gold this year. She said, “I really want to show I’m one of the best readers in the Middle School.”

Seventh grader Cody W., eighth grader Himani K., seventh grader Katie S., sixth grader Maddie W., eighth grader Sophie O., sixth grader Gideon Z., sixth grader Presley T., sixth grader Max P., and science teacher Allison George all won gold medals in the Reading Olympics.

Even though she won’t be able to compete in the Reading Olympics next year, Margaret wants to keep reading in the Upper School. She said, “I really liked the Reading Olympics. Next year, I think we should have a reading competition in the High School.”

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Students Go For Gold in Reading Olympics