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Chapel Council: Quiet Creators of MS Assemblies

Alex L., Staff Writer

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Photo by Rev. Tina McCormick. The Chapel Council members went to Trinity Church and played activities to plan and prepare for the upcoming year.

With the final assembly of the year upcoming on May 4, some Chapel Council members recalled what the group has accomplished during the year.

Chapel Council plays a huge role in organizing assemblies. Toby L., a Chapel Council lead, said, “We plan and work very hard to meet the deadlines of each assembly because there is a lot of work to do.”

Rev. Tina McCormick is the MS Chaplain and leader of Chapel Council. She said, “I think Chapel Council successfully inspired and taught the school throughout the school year with the assemblies and themes that they chose.”

Some of the themes were Taking Off Your Mask, Blessed, and Grateful.

James S. is an eighth grade boy who was on the details team of Chapel Council this year. He said, “We usually meet every Friday morning at 7:15, but depending on when an assembly is, we could have more or less meetings.”

James explained what groups there are, which include details, tech, media, drama, audience participation, music, staging, and words.

Rev. McCormick explained the jobs of all eight teams in Chapel Council. She said, “Most teams meet separately and the whole of Chapel Council meets about two or three times before each assembly.”

Eighth grade girl Sophie A. said, “I think they do a lot of work behind the scenes, and we don’t really appreciate it.” Sophie also thinks the assemblies went fairly smoothly, even though there were some technical difficulties.

Señor Jorge Perez, a second year Spanish teacher, said he didn’t know assemblies were mainly student-led. He said, “I think it’s wonderful every time. I am beyond words. I can’t believe it’s all done by the students. WOWED.”

Miles Kirby, a seventh grade boy, said, “They did well and the assemblies went smoothly every time. It always has relative content, and I think it’s a good learning experience.”

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  1. Coach Pelot on May 4th, 2018 7:57 am

    Article looks great. Nice job.

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Chapel Council: Quiet Creators of MS Assemblies