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Field Day Fun!

Skylar P., Staff Writer

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Middle School students look forward to one day almost as much as the final day of school—Field Day! This year’s competition is Friday, May 11.

Students are split into teams by advisement and spend the day competing in different activities within the three rotations: Track events, individual events, and relays. Each team consists of one girls and one boys advisement per grade level. Occasionally, these groups get split and put with other advisements. In the days leading up to Field Day, teams choose who will compete in each event.

Every team is given a color that they all dress in to represent their team in the competition. Eighth grader Helen R. said, “Since we’re in eighth grade, we’re going to dress all out, and it’ll be fun.”

Bill Caldwell, a math teacher and coach in the middle school, has been planning Field Day for 26 years. When asked about his favorite part of Field Day, he said, “I enjoy getting the opportunity to share the devotional with the middle school and show that it’s not all about winning but about doing your best.” He is referring to the devotional he does each year that is based on the Special Olympics’ motto: “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

Mr. Caldwell says that he tells the story to remind students that having fun and enjoying yourself is more important than winning because you shouldn’t focus on what you can’t do, but on what can do.

When planning Field Day, Mr. Caldwell said that the hardest part is splitting homerooms in order to make five teams. He said although it is difficult to separate advisements, it needs to be done to make Field Day work. He also mentioned that it is difficult to plan where faculty goes during the individual events, but he gets a lot of help from faculty that immediately take on tasks.

There are various track events during Field Day including the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 4×100 relays and more. Eighth grader Helen R., who says Field Day is her favorite day of the year, loves the track events. She said, “It’s fun seeing the whole grade cheer each other on.”

Some of the individual events students can participate in include long jump, basketball, swimming, and baseball. Students compete in these events and try to win points for their team. Some students are extremely excited for specific events because they are good at or enjoy that particular sport.

The relays are Mr. Caldwell’s favorite Field Day activity, and there are three main ones that happen on Broyles Field– the over-under relay, triples relay, and the six-piece relay. Students also choose who will compete in these ahead of time.

Luck of the Die is a Field Day tradition all students participate in and is included in the relay rotation. It consists of everyone going to any cone numbered one through six. A die is then rolled and whichever number it lands on, everyone at that cone is out. The team of the last person standing wins. Some say this determines who wins field day, but that theory has been proven untrue.

At the end of the day, the places of all the teams for each grade are announced. The events are scored with first place in each event getting five points and fifth place getting one. Whether a team gets first place or last, all that matters is that students were “brave in the attempt.”

Photo courtesy of Rev. McCormick.

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  1. Mr. Caldwell on May 8th, 2018 7:08 am

    Very well done! You captured my thoughts on Field Day very well! I’d give you an A!

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Field Day Fun!