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Unwelcome Guests Crash Girls Locker Commons

Helen S., Staff Writer

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At Westminster, when you think of the locker commons, you think of a place just for the members of your grade and gender–a place where you can catch up with your friends and eat your snacks.

But now, for the second time, some uninvited guests have come to visit…Rats!

Last year this happened during January 2017, in the eighth grade girl locker commons. Again they invaded the eighth grade girls locker commons on Monday of last week. 

Even though this is now a continued problem in the middle school, there are other places around campus that the rats have gnawed their way into. Chuck Breithaupt, the Director of Operations and Supervision, said, “I have heard that this happened in other buildings like Turner.”

No one knows how they keep getting in, but they are attracted to the food that people keep in their lockers and cubbies.

Eva C., an eighth grade girl, said, “I had a closed packet of honey in my cubby, but I didn’t think that would attract them.” When she pulled out her backpack, a rat was sitting on it. All the girls screamed and stood on the benches while someone chased it with a lacrosse stick. Eva C. said, “They are disgusting.” 

After the news spread that there were rats in the locker commons, food or any other drinks besides water were not allowed in the space.

Mrs. Reina, the eighth grade girls grade chair, said she was walking in her office when she noticed a small hole at the bottom of her door that looked chewed through. Also there was a hole in the corner of her office. Members of the facilities departments sealed the holes and set some traps.

Eighth grader Michael T. contributed by offering his current Economics project, a wooden box with a rat trap inside. “They are beings just like us and want to stay alive, so they find ways to get food,” he said.

Photo by Helen S. Michael T., eighth grade boy, created a rat trap for his Economics project.

The rats have not been trapped yet. Because they could still be around, precautions like no food in the locker commons are in place.

Mrs. Reina said, “I do not like rats at all.”

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Unwelcome Guests Crash Girls Locker Commons