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Camps: Summer Fun for Students

Ethan R., Staff Writer

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Students attend different camps all over the world, whether an overnight or a day session.

Camps all around the world have many activities for the campers, including a mud run, obstacle courses, zip lines, and ropes courses. Some of the most popular summer camps students attend are The Westminster Summer Camp, Camp Seagull, Camp Laney, Camp Riverview, and Camp Laurel.

Sixth grader Philips M. said, “I love going to the Westminster Summer camp. I love to see some of my old friends that I haven’t seen all year. My favorite activity to do is to go canoeing in the little pond because I get to flip my boat over and swim.”

Philips loves going to camp; it is the highlight of his summer because he loves to see his friends and hang out with them all day for four weeks.

Eighth grade boy William L. said, “Every summer I go to Camp Seagull for three weeks. The reason I love Camp Seagull is because they have zip lines that go into the water which is really fun.”

Sixth grade girl Cate D. said, “This summer I am going to my first overnight camp called Camp Riverview. One of my friends from soccer suggested that I go with her.”

Cate is very nervous for her first overnight camp, but at the same time she is super excited to make new friends and do fun activities.

Bryce H., a seventh grade boy, feels the same way. He said, “I visit Camp Seagull because it’s really fun to hang out with my friends for a couple weeks.”

Sometimes its not always about the people; sometimes it’s about exploring the new landscapes.

Eighth grader Stephanie V.said, “This is my second year going to Camp Laurel. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Last year I met some amazing new friends that I can’t wait to see later this summer.”

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Camps: Summer Fun for Students