Campus Center Buzz

Will R., Staff Writer

The Campus Center seems to be a popular place for the middle schoolers after lunch and school. Seventh graders get one day a week after lunch to visit this space in Broyles that is for hanging out and buying food.

Seventh grade girls have it on Tuesdays and seventh grade boys go on Thursdays. The eighth graders get the privilege twice a week– the girls on Mondays and Wednesdays and the boys on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Seventh grader Henry C. said that he doesn’t go to the Campus Center that much during lunch because the ability to go usually gets taken away. His favorite food is the Bacon Bagel with cream cheese. He believes that if they were allowed to go, then he would he everyday he can.

Just over 34 percent of people say that their favorite food at the Campus Center are cookies. Bacon bagels are the second most popular based off of the survey with 18.8 percent saying that’s their favorite food, and brownies were third with just over 17 percent.

Just over 42 percent of middle schoolers said that the Campus Center is their favorite spot for food. They believe that once they get to high school, that will be the main hangout place for them during free periods. Henry I. from seventh grade said that he loves the food and the workers there.

The staff at the Campus Center are very efficient and productive during middle school lunch days. During the lunch days, 10-12 people are in line for food. Other people are simply hanging out there.

The staff members are the main reason why it is one of the most popular places on this campus. Ronnie is a very important asset to the Campus Center. He is there almost every day to help and also likes to converse with the students in line.

Storey A. said, “The Campus Center is the best hangout spot on this campus.”

photo courtesy of: The Wildcat Press Xpress