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Recess Hot Spots and Activities

George M, Staff Writer

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Westminster is not just a place where students grind in the classroom, it is also a place where students have fun. The Amphitheater, Zakas Courtyard, Locker Commons, and Broyles Field are all places to hang out, play basketball or four square, and do some homework.

Every day students have this time, but some of the student’s recess is limited due to how long they take to eat lunch. Most students eat quickly to try and get extra recess time.

“I usually stay ten to fifteen minutes in the lunchroom, and I do it just to get more time to play outside,” said by eighth grader John F.

During recess teachers have to go outside and supervise all of the students and are assigned to a specific area. Teachers notice trends like where students go and the activities they play.

“A lot of kids go to the amphitheater. It’s mostly them playing basketball and four square,” said Jennifer Finlayson, a dance and drama teacher.

“Basically, half the time a teacher just sits on the bench and watches,”said sixth grader Johnny J.

Recess also occurs before assemblies during a 55-minute period on Tuesdays and Fridays, where students have time to get their energy out, go outside, and socialize.

“I play basketball in the amphitheater for 10 to 15 minutes before assemblies,” said Johnny.

Teachers supervise the areas to help make sure all the kids stay safe and have fun. This is not just outdoors; faculty stroll around the locker commons as well.

“Last year a lot of students were caught on Broyles Field, and it is not allowed,” said Ms. Finlayson.

These hotspots are popping with excitement and energy during recess. Students take advantage of the amazing places at Westminster, and always enjoy having the free time to get some energy out.

This is Zakas courtyard and is a great place to get a game of four square going, and is used mostly by the seventh graders.

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One Response to “Recess Hot Spots and Activities”

  1. Kellam Mattie on September 14th, 2018 6:26 pm

    This is interesting! I’m interested to learn more about what happened at Broyles Field and why students are no longer able to hang out there during recess.

    Thanks for the report. I feel as if I am there in person.

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Recess Hot Spots and Activities