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Sixth Grade: A Transition to Middle School

Zach H., Staff Writer

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With the first few weeks of middle school completed, the sixth graders are beginning to settle in and get comfortable with their new environment.

The increase in homework is a challenge, as is the accelerated academic expectations.

James I., a sixth grade boy, said, “My first couple of weeks have been pretty good, but the homework load is tough.”

Sixth grader Ella F. felt the homework has been overwhelming. She said, “We have much more homework in the middle school.”

Sixth grade girls chair Susan McMillan confirmed that the primary struggle is with academics, particularly homework and quizzes. She said, “To help them I try to meet with them and give them a plan to get their homework finished.”

Even two years later, the memory of the increase in homework rings true. Eighth grade girl Giulia P. said, “Adjusting to middle school was really tough because of the high level of academics and the amount of homework.”

But it’s not all bad. A big highlight of moving into the middle school for sixth graders is the opportunity for independence.

“The amount of freedom was good. You were restricted to one classroom in Lower School, but in middle school you got more freedom,” said eighth grade boy Chase R.

Noah M., a sixth grade boy, agreed. He said, “We get to walk around without a teacher to all of our classes. I enjoy it.”

Sixth graders are also enthusiastic for many different events and possibilities as they prepare for the years ahead.

In middle school, students have many opportunities to get involved with their classmates in the form of events.

One of these events has already occurred: the sixth grade gym party was during the first two weeks of school. This event had mixed reviews from students.

Anna B. said, “I liked the gym party because it was a chance for us to talk to our friends and hang out.”

Noah disagreed. He said, “I didn’t like it very much. It was kind of boring.”

There are other events and opportunities in the future that students look forward to.

James said, “I am excited for Christian Emphasis Week because of the huge fair.”

Another privilege is very important among new middle schoolers.

Sixth grade boy Brand M. said, “I am looking forward to bringing my computer home.”

Remembering back to when he was a sixth grader, Chase said, “Getting computers and being able to take them home was a nice privilege.”

The Sixth Grade Boys Locker Commons is a popular place for sixth grade boys to catch up with each other throughout the day.

While the first few weeks have been challenging, sixth graders seem to be managing as they look forward to their upcoming years in middle school.

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Sixth Grade: A Transition to Middle School