Where Do all the Wildcats Go After School?

Rhodé O., Staff Writer

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When the 2:45 bell rings, middle school students branch out across campus. Some go to sports practice and after school activities, some go to office hours or study hall, and some just go home

Forty-five seventh grade students responded to a survey about where they go after school. Eighty-six percent of them either go home or go to a sports practice.

The reason is mainly dependent on the season. In Fall, numerous sports such as football, cross country, softball, and volleyball are offered.

Students that do not play sports or do not have extracurriculars go home after school. After office hours, they do not have any purpose to stay at school and get picked up around 3:30-3:45.

Gavin M., an eighth grader who has been at Westminster for nine years, enjoy his after-school hangouts. He said, “I go to the bookstore and talk to cool seventh graders. After that, I go to study hall so I can get my homework done and then go home and play video games or something.”

A less-popular but still important selection was extra-curricular activities such as debate and the AQT team.

Tejas K., a new sixth grader usually goes to Math Counts or AQT. He said, “I enjoy AQT because not only do I like answering trivia questions, but I also can hang out with friends, but sometimes I just go to study hall.”

Study hall is popular for an obvious reason. Students like completing their homework so at home they can relax and hang out with their families.

Photo By Rhodé O.
Study Hall is a popular place to go after school from 3:30 t0 6:00

Eighth grader Carter S. usually goes to office hours. “Even after the 3:30 bell, I like to stay in office hours for a bit. The teacher can give me extra help and get me ready for tests.”

Sometimes, people leave school but do not go home. Some go to instrument lessons and others go to travel team sports such as soccer and baseball.

Ravi P., another sixth grader has a very intense tennis schedule. “ Right after office hours, I get picked up and go to tennis practice for about three hours a day.”

Another difficult sports schedule is seventh grade girl Julia B. has a busy schedule after the 3:30 bell. “I enjoy going to gymnastics practice every day for about five hours”.

It is clear that middle school students not only spread out around campus but also around Atlanta. Whether it is studying for a test, or going to sports practice, there are multiple go to spots after school.

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