Wildcats’ Favorite Atlanta Attractions

Vincent B., Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Janice Bontempo

Living in Atlanta, middle school students have many places to go during their free time or over the weekends.

By far their favorite location is Mercedes-Benz Stadium. In close second is the World of Coca-Cola.

Similarly, sixth grade boys Brand M. and Alex N. both say that SunTrust Park is their favored place. “The best part about SunTrust Park is going to watch the games,” says Brand M.

Seventh grade boy Lawton S. his preferred spot in Atlanta is Mercedes-Benz Stadium. He enjoys his time spent there with his family and he loves it when the Falcons win.

Also, seventh grade boy Max P. had one of his best experiences at the Georgia Aquarium. He visits because when he grows up he wants to be a marine biologist.

He said, “I was seven and my parents took me to see the dolphin show, and I was amazed.”

Of the 54 people who responded to a survey sent to middle schoolers, the vast majority were girls. There was a difference in the answers between the two genders.

For the girls, their favorites were the World of Coca-Cola and not far behind was the BeltLine.

Seventh grade girl Jaia A’s. favorite spot is to go to Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Atlanta United games. She said, “We got VIP seats and got great service, and we were so close to the players.”

Eighth grade girl Genae H. says that her favorite spot in Atlanta is Lenox Mall because she likes to go with her friends to shop and hang out.

Jada B., an eighth grade girl, says her favorite spot is Six Flags. She likes to go with her friends, and her favorite part is riding the rides, especially Goliath.

One of her cherished memories happened there. She said, “When we finished the ride, we got off and we saw that someone’s wig was hanging on the side of one of the cars.”

Wildcats enjoy their time away from school, and they have their favorite places to go.

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