Netflix: I’ll Just Watch One More

Janine H., Staff Writer

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Netflix is one of the biggest trends in the middle school, as many students spend hours watching their favorite shows almost every day.

According to a survey of middle students where 48 students replied, about half enjoy watching Netflix on their phones while the other half enjoy watching Netflix on their TV’s. Many other students also prefer bingeing their favorite show on a computer/laptop or an iPad because of the big screen.

Netflix is famous for shows that have action, comedy, horror, and romance. The favorite show of middle school students is The Office. Actor Brian Baumgartner plays Kevin Malone and is a Westminster Alumni.

Sixth grade boy Holden R. said, “My three favorite Netflix shows are The Office, Stranger Things, and Family Guy. I like these shows because they are so funny, and they can be scary too.”

Although The Office is very popular, middle school students love other shows such as Stranger Things, Fuller House, and Grey’s Anatomy. Other strong picks include 90210, Hawaii 5-O, Vampire Diaries/Originals, and Gossip Girl.

During the week, homework gets in the way of students being able to binge-watch their favorite episodes. Active users are usually excited about the weekend because completed homework means catching up on episodes in a current show for hours.

Overall 60 percent of the respondents watch Netflix for thirty minutes or less each day. About 17 percent of students with more free time watch at most an hour each day, and the other 23 percent of students watch for more than two hours a day.

Seventh grade girl Emma S. said, “My three favorite shows are Riverdale, The Office, and Vampire Diaries. I usually watch Netflix for about 30 minutes each day. When I’m binge watching, I can watch up to three hours’ worth.”

Although Netflix is very popular this year, many middle school students have been watching it for years. About 63 percent of those who answered the survey have been watching Netflix for over two years while the other 37 percent have begun watching Netflix less than two years ago.

As much as students love Netflix, many people believe there is room for improvement. Eighth grade boy Hewlett C. said, “Even though I love watching Netflix, I feel like it can improve a lot in a bunch of different ways. I think Netflix should stop taking away old shows, and I think they should organize and add more good shows too.”

Other students believe Netflix is a waste of time and can prevent them from doing their homework. According to website Wonderopolis, experts say sitting in front of a TV or device can make a person overweight from not burning calories or exercising. Also, watching too much TV at a young age can affect developing brains.

As Netflix becomes more and more popular each day, it impacts the lives of young people for good and bad.

By Janine H.

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