Too Short Skirts, Shirts Untucked; What to Wear to School

Evelyn S.

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Clothing can help students express their personalities, but many think the dress code limits students from wearing what they would like to wear to school. Others think that the dress code is flawless, and it isn’t too strict or too casual.

According to the middle school handbook, girls skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Also, boys’ shirts must have collars and need to be tucked in at all times.

Ellie P., an eighth grade girl, said, “I think that the Westminster dress code is good, but occasionally teachers are very strict on the skirts.”

Holden R., a sixth grade boy, said, “I think the dress code is good because it’s not too strict, but it’s not too casual.”

A lot of students have violated the rules before. Some of the most common violations are when the girls’ skirts are too short, and the boys’ shirts are untucked.

Sam R., an eighth grade boy, said, “I break the dress code a lot because my shirt is always untucked.”

The middle school dean of students, Heather Karvis, said, “The only violation that I see over and over again is when jean skirts are way too short.”

Some middle schoolers talk about how nice it would be to have uniforms, but others think that uniforms are a bad idea. The majority of girls would love the change to uniforms, although many boys wouldn’t like it.

Kate B., a sixth grade girl, said, “I think that uniforms would be very nice because we wouldn’t have to worry about what to wear every day. Also, we wouldn’t ever get dress coded.”

Holden said, “I had uniforms at my old school, and I did not like them because they were uncomfortable and annoying.”

Middle school learning strategist Cason Given said, “I went to Westminster, and when I was there Dr. Presley was the President, and he didn’t want us to have uniforms because he believed we needed to learn how to dress for the future.”

Overall, middle school students have mixed feelings about the dress code.

Photo by Evelyn S.

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