It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Evelyn S., Staff Writer

The holidays are an exciting time in the middle school. Students and teachers are looking forward to vacations, spending time with family and friends, and most of all getting a break from school.

Presents are another aspect of this time of year that many people look forward to on Christmas Day. Middle schoolers have a wide range of items on their list.

Genae H., an eighth grade girl, said, “I just want new clothes and sneakers for Christmas this year.”

Kent C., an eighth grade boy, said, “I’m asking for one of those electric longboards, like the one with a motor.”

This year, school ends five days before Christmas. This is beneficial to some students and teachers, but others would rather get out earlier like in years past. Many people don’t understand how the calendar is decided.

Head of School Danette Morton said, “We try to look at where Christmas break falls and some of the other major breaks, and then figure out when to start school in order to be able to have a certain number of days for the school year.

“We also will look at what other schools are doing because while we are independent, we do know that families seem to be spread across multiple schools. So if we can be aligned in what other schools are doing, it’s always a benefit to our families,” she said.

School resumes on January 7, 2019.

Eighth grade girl Katherine P. said, “I don’t really like the change because we don’t have a lot of time to plan for trips and to prepare for Christmas.”

Jennifer Baker, middle school art teacher, said, “That is going to be a challenge for my family because we have to go all the way to Philadelphia and then we have to go to Connecticut. It’s just going to be a whirlwind.”

Many students and teachers have big plans to travel with their families over the break.

Katherine said, “We are going to Highlands as a family.”

Seventh grade boy Philips M. said, “We don’t have anything planned for the break that I know of. I’m looking forward to not having to go to school, just chilling, sleeping in, and having fun.”

Overall, students and teachers seem to be looking forward to being out of school and getting to see their extended family members they don’t get to see often.